April 2016 Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Striper fishing on Lake Lanier is getting better and better as the weather does the same.  Lake temps are still in the low to mid 50’s depending on whether you are in the backs of the creeks or on the main lake.  We have caught stripers and huge spots from 10′ of water in the creeks to 130′ of water on the south end of the lake.  I have been fishing on the south end of the lake for the past few weeks, but will move to mid lake and north end areas over the next few weeks as the lake temps rise and the stripers start their spawn run.

Most of the Stripers have been in the 12-15# range and have been caught on split shot weighted herring, 60-75′ behind planer boards.  The Spots are all pre-spawn fish and have been in 80-130′ of water and have been crushing down lines 30-40′ down.  While you are pulling baits in the backs of the creeks make sure you are casting one of Captain Mack’s new Super series  (1/4 or 3/8 oz jigs with a fluke or curl tail trailer) to the bank, or to surfacing fish, to put that bonus fish in the boat.  The majority of my fish have been on herring, but some days they want medium shiners or even medium gizzard shad.  Take a variety of bait and start the day off with all three in your spread till you figure out the day’s pattern.  This time of year my spread will include planer boards, flat lines, and down lines so that I can cover a wide area and a wide depth range.  As the water temps stabilize in the mid to high 50s I will also be “clipping points” with Captain Mack’s u-rigs 50-75′ behind the boat, catching both Stripers and Spots in the 15-25′ depths.

I really enjoy fishing this time of the year.  The fish are really aggressive and you never know what is going to bite.  The weather is starting to stabilize, the trees are showing signs of life, water temps are warming, and the fish are biting.  Be ready to use every rod in the boat because the fish can be caught with a variety of techniques.

April is filling up fast so call today to book your Striper Experience!

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