July 2016 Lake Lanier Fishing Report

The summer bite is here and the strong. Water temps are in the mid 80’s and the fish are deep.  The next few weeks the creek channel areas on the south end of the lake will be the areas to concentrate on.  By the middle of July, the schools of stripers will be on the river channels and at the mouths of the creeks.

The best bite so far this summer has been live bait.  Look for schools in 75-100 feet of water and if possible, start fishing your down lines from 5′ above the bottom to about 50′ deep.  These fish have also been responding to the Magnum Spoon by Ben Parker.  Drop the spoon to the bottom and burn it back up to about 25′ and start all over.  Watch for strikes as you drop back down as it happens often.

The leadcore bite is also heating up.  Pull your Captain Mack’s Chipmunk Jig 6-8 colors between 2.5 and 3 MPH in these areas while you are looking for the schools.  If you are seeing single fish at 30-40′, spread out over the channels, then this will be your best bet.

As the summer moves on, the fish will be much more active in the afternoon when the Corps is releasing water.  This causes a small increase in the flow and gets the fish fired up.  This time of year is best for numbers, but with the heat you have to pay something for the great fishing.  Make sure you get your caught fish back down as fast as possible, so don’t waste lots of time with pictures.  Take an afternoon off and get in on this great fishing.

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  1. Cpt. Ron put us on the fish had a very good day 15 fish between 4-8 lbs

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