December 2018 Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report

Fall fishing has been very good. Currently the lake temperature is in the high 40’s to low 50’s, with a little increase from this warm rain, and is at 1073.54 (2.54 inches above pool.) This latest dump of rain has made the northern arms of the lake very muddy and there is a lot of debris in the water as well, so be very careful running up north and in the back of southern creeks.

The down line bite has been the best bite this fall and will continue into winter. Start looking in the 40-70 feet of water in the major creeks and drains. Look for concentrations of deep bait in these areas with your electronics and you will find fish close by. Many of these fish are hard to see in the clouds of bait, so don’t be afraid to start fishing when you are only seeing a couple of fish. Tapping the deck has been a very good technique to draw these couple of fish over and it will end up being large schools of stripers and even spots or catfish.

Baits of choice have been herring, but mix your spread up with small trout and medium shiners to key in on what they want. Each day can be different, so make sure you are ready. We have been catching a few fish on a 3/8 or 1/2 oz Captain Mack’s Bucktail if you see any surfacing fish under the gulls and loons Also Captain Mack’s Mini Me Umbrella Rig has been catching fish when cast to surfacing fish, but also trolling it behind a Perfect Planer Board. Put the rig approximately 20 feet behind the board and pull it with the trolling motor at .8 to 1.0 mph. This is a new technique that Captain Mack and I have been working on and it has proven to be a great new tool in the bag.

Dodging the weather has been a challenge for sure, but if it’s even close to not horrible, you need to get out there and catch em up.

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