May 2020 Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report

It’s May and we are so grateful to be back on the water with our wonderful customers. The spawn is wrapping up and the fish are moving back south out of the river systems and from the backs of the main free flowing creeks on the south end of the lake. The fish will be looking to feed on herring and shad spawning spots which include blow-through areas, rocky points, and marina break walls. To see success, pull flatlines and Captain Mack’s Perfect Planer boards pulled around these areas. Your flatlines should be 75 to 125 feet behind the boat, and your lines should be between 50 and 100 feet behind your planer boards.

On sunny days, consider adding about 1/8-oz. of weight to your lines in front of the swivel to get your bait down a few more feet. The stream lined silhouette of worm bullet weights works well as they have less drag. The best bait to use this time of year are herring or small- to medium-sized shad. On the north end of the lake, look for these areas in Wahoo, Little River, Gainesville and Ada creeks and from Laurel Park to Clark’s Bridge on the Chattahoochee side. Concentrate on Taylor, Thompson and a half mile up and down from Toto Creek on the Chestatee side. Down south, the fish will be on secondary points in Bald Ridge, Shoal, Six Mile and Big Creek and all the marinas in these areas. The topwater bite will begin this month, so make sure you have a Chug Bug, Zara Spook, Redfin or a Captain Mack’s Mini Mack tied on to throw to these spots as you drag your baits over them.

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