August 2020 Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Summer fishing on Lake Lanier is in full swing and it is awesome. We see huge schools of fish in their normal summertime haunts and they are moving out of the pockets and into the south end creek channels like Big, Shoal, Two, Four, Six Mile and Bald Ridge. As we get into August, we still see some fish in main-lake pockets in 50 to 70 feet of water first thing in the morning. Once the sun gets up, they will move out to the creek channels and the river channel in 90 to 120 feet of water. To catch these fish go with a downline 30 to 80 feet down will be your best bet. Make sure your bait is lively when you mark them on your Humminbird Solix or Helix. We will be using 8 to 10 feet of 10-lb. fluorocarbon leader and a No. 1 or No. 2 octopus circle hook this month and changing baits out every five to seven minutes. All the guides and great weekend fisherman on the lake are using KeepAlive oxygen systems and cooling the tank water with ice blocks. Freeze a couple of 2-liter bottles full of water the night before and set one in the tank every hour and a half or so to keep the water temps down. Power reeling a magnum Parker spoon or a 2-oz. Captain Mack’s Super or Chipmunk Jig with a 6-inch trailer or even one of your dead herring will be the best artificial setup this month over these big groups of fish. Drop down through the school and start cranking it back up through the school and hang on as they try to rip the rod out of your hands. It will be hot, so make sure you have some water with you when you get out there to catch ’em up.

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