Lake Lanier is at 1071.33 and the water temps are around 84-85 degrees. The water conditions are clear. To get the most out of your September fishing, get out there and pull lead core.  Lead core is a braided line that has a lead strip running the entirety of the line making the line heavy so that you can get a jig or spoon down to the depths that the stripers will be at right now.  You can also use lead core with Cannon downriggers and the 8-10 pound ball will get that lure down to a targeted depth.  Select any of Capt Mack’s jigs and trailers as your lure of choice when trolling lead core or using downriggers.  The standard 1.5 or 2 oz Chipmunk in white/silver, white/chartreuse, or chartreuse/blue will be the go to sizes and colors.  We are using 4 inch shad bodies or 6 inch u-tail trailers in white, chartreuse, or pink.  The Capt Mack’s Mini Mack with blades will continue to catch fish as a trolled lure in September and a new bladed shad head with a 5 inch glow shad body in 1 or 1.5 oz sizes is your best lure choice. These are available at Oakwood Bait and Tackle. All three of these baits should be pulled behind the boat at 2.5-3 mph and 7-9 colors back depending on the depth that you are marking fish on your Humminbird graph or 50-75 feet behind the Canon downrigger ball. Each color represents approximately 2.5 to 3.5 feet of depth when pulling on lead core and 3-5 feet of additional depth below the downrigger ball. We have found stripers scattered over the trees and in the middle of creek channels like Big, Six Mile, Two Mile, Young Deer, Bald Ridge, and Shoal in 60-130 feet of water from the mouth to half way back in the creek. You can also find stripers on the river channel from 100-150 feet later in the day. The bait bite will still be good and the only changes from August will be to concentrate in 90-140’ of water and to increase leader length to 9-11 feet of 10# fluorocarbon leader. The herring are not living well on the hook below 27 feet so take lots of bait if you are going to only rely on bait to catch fish. Get out there and catch them up.

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