On the main lake, the water is clear but there is a slight stain in the back of the major creeks and clearing in the river systems. The water temps are warming up, but there are still some fish up in the river systems and I would expect them to stay up there through the end of May.  The Striper Experience boats will be focusing on the south parts of the rivers as they migrate back down the lake. To catch fish, your best bet will be targeting points and humps close to the river channel that have a lot of topographical change to them. Look for points that have long 15 to 20 foot ridges that fall off to 50 plus feet of water within a short distance from the ridge.  The easiest way to “see” these areas are to set your Humminbird LakeMaster depth settings at 20 feet with a 7 foot plus or minus and it will highlight all the areas on the lake 13-27 feet deep and steer your boat to them on your GPS.  These points or humps, once found, will be best fished by pulling your spread of herring or small shad using Capt Mack’s Perfect Planer boards and flat lines at .9 to 1.1 mph across these areas to catch stripers, spots, and the occasional catfish. Perfect Planer board baits should be 50 to 100 feet behind the board and flat lines 75 to 125 feet behind the boat. As the sun comes up put a #5 split shot up to a 3/16oz worm weight in front of your swivel to get your bait down just a little bit. These areas from the mouth of Little River to Sardis Creek will be excellent the rest of the month. Artificial baits to have tied on to cast to these areas as you pass by are Zara Spooks, Redfins, and the Spro Zero Minnow.  Spring is a time of renewal in the world and you can have that renewal in your life as well when you give it to Jesus Christ.

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