Ladies Fishing on Lake Lanier

November 2021 Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report

Water level is 1070.26 (slightly below full pool) with water temps from 63-64 degrees. We are seeing varied turnover stages based on lake location.  Water clarities are clear to weak coffee colored depending on how hard the turnover is in the area you are in.  The fish have scattered lake wide with the ever increasing good water quality as the lake remixes with more consistent water temperatures and dissolved oxygen contents, meaning the November fishing will be good on both the north and south end of the lake.  This also means kitchen sink fishing continues this month. The south end (below GA 369 bridge) will be dominated by top water activity, mid lake (GA 369 to the GA 60 and GA 136 bridges) will be down lines mostly, and the north end (river areas of the lake) will be flat lines and planer boards.  On the south the first couple hours and last couple hours of the day will see more and more top water activity as the lake cools into the 60s.  Be ready to chase schools of fish that will be coming up from Orr Creek all the way to the dam. Plan to have a pair of binoculars available so that you can scan the lake looking for big groups of stripers blowing up on shad and herring.  The HAWG Jr spoon in nickel or nickel/ silver scale when the sun is out, or pearl and pearl/ silver scale when it is overcast, will be great lures to throw at these schools. It will cast a mile on an Okuma 7 or 7.5 foot Reflection Med/Hvy action rod paired with an Okuma Helios SX 4000 loaded with 30# braid. Use about 3 feet of 17# Seaguar Tatsu Flourocarbon as a leader. These fish will start to concentrate on smaller shad as the month goes along, so switch over to a Capt Mack’s white/ silver scale or white/ blue scale Super Spoon in 3/8 or ½ ounce size when this occurs. Capt Mack’s Mini Mack will also be a great lure to throw at these schooling fish. Mid lake will continue to be a down line bite in 40-60 feet of water half way back in all the major creeks with small trout and herring being the go to bait. Shorten up your leaders to 3-4 feet of 10# Tatsu and a #2 Gamakatsu circle hook. The river systems will produce a few bigger fish this month if you are willing to pull big baits (10-15 inch gizzards or trout) and spend some time doing it.  This month try to work on these other three things.

Be humble, love instead of judge, and focus on the kingdom. If we all would do these three things we would all be better. If you get the opportunity read James 4.   

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