Lake Lanier Striper

January 2022 Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report

The current lake level is 1071.1 with water temps of 52-55 degrees.  The water clarity is clear on the main lake and slightly stained in the backs of the creeks and up the rivers. January striper fishing will continue to be good through the end of the month mid lake and north up the rivers.  The stripers will be in a variety of water depths, but the most consistent bite will be in 40-60 feet of water with downlines. The Captain Mack’s Planer Board bite should continue to produce a few bigger fish while using trout or shad in the 8-12 inch range if the weather continues to stay at or above normal temperatures. Find the large concentrations of bait towards the backs of the creeks for the best down line bite. Sardis, Ada, Wahoo, and Littler River on the Chattahoochee side and Taylor, Thompson, and Yellow on the Chestatee side will all be good starting points.  There will be fish in the drainages and coves coming into the main lake as well.  The best bait setup for these fish will be herring on downlines with a 1- 1.5 oz Capt Mack’s swivel sinker w approximately 3’ of 10-12# fluorocarbon leader and a #1 or 1/0 Gamakatsu circle hook.  Don’t forget that small trout, medium shiners, or small gizzard shad will also be great baits to put down.  Remember to change out your hooks to a 2/0 or #4 hook depending on the size of the bait that you put down.  The Capt Mack’s Mini Mack and Super Spoon will be the artificial go tos in January.  After you find the bait and fish on your Humminbird SOLIX or HELIX get your downlines down as well as your Capt Mack’s Mini Mack. The stealth trolled Mini Mack should be put 25-35 feet down and pulled around these schools at .5-.8mph.  The Mini Mack will also be an easy rig to flip out 125-150 feet behind the boat and trolled thru active birds that you will see while you are moving from creek to creek.  Once you find a big school of fish put your Minn Kota Ulterra on Spot Lock and fire your ¾ or 1 oz Super Spoon in White/ Silver Scale, White/ Chartreuse scale, Chartreuse/ Chartreuse scale, or Chrome down to the fish that you are seeing on the bottom. Let the spoon hit the bottom, put your reel in gear, and make a 5-8 foot sweeping motion up with the spoon and let it fall back to the bottom. Most of your hits will come while the spoon is falling so really pay attention and consider using 15-20 pound braid as your main line so that you have a better feel.

John 3:16 plan and simple: God loved, God gave, we believe, we receive. We pray for a blessed 2022 for all.

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