Double Lake Lanier Stripers

August 2022 Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report

The lake is currently at 1069.07 with water temps ranging from 86-88 degrees and the main lake is clear. These water temps are our normal summer temps and the lake is definitely setting up a thermocline.  With that, you will find that most of the stripers have pushed down the lake and are in their normal summer time haunts.  Fish are in south end creek channels like Big, Shoal, Two, Four, Six Mile, and Bald Ridge.  As August continues, you will find some fish in main lake pockets in 50-70’ of water first thing in the morning.  As the sun gets up they will move out to the creek channels and the river channel in 90-120’ of water.  Look for these fish with your Humminbird Solix or Helix in these areas with your Minn Kota trolling motor deployed and in the water so that you can hit Spot Lock on top of these fish when you see them.  Down lines 30-80’ down and a pitched spinning rod behind the boat, over and in these fish are your best bets for catching them.  Check your bait and make sure you it is lively on the hook at all times.  The herring are finicky this time of year so give them plenty of leader to swim on.  Down size your hook so that it reduces the weight in front of your herring.  We will be using 8-10’ of 10# fluorocarbon leader and a #1 octopus or octopus circle hook this month with a 1.75 oz pencil weight and changing baits out every 5-7 minutes as well.  The pitch rod is set up similarly, but you will be using a #5 split shot in front of the bait, so that it swims down to the fish you are marking versus being dropped straight down to the fish you are seeing. The power reeling bite will also get better and better this month as well as the fish get in bigger and bigger schools.  A Boss Hawg spoon in chrome or chrome/ silver scale is a great artificial bait to start with when you see these deep schools under the boat.  Drop down thru the school and start cranking it back up past the past the school.  This technique is a great way to keep a school of fish fired up and be sure to hang on as they will try to rip the rod out of your hands.  The lead core bite will also be great this month as well. The Capt Macks 1.5 or 2 oz Super Spin Shad in white/white, white/glow, or chartreuse/ chartreuse glitter will be the colors to pull in August. The white/glow or chartreuse/ chart glitter will be best if there is some cloud cover or the white/white or white/glow when the sun is out. We designed the glow body so that it will be an awesome color whether the sun is out or not. 

Jesus wants to hear from us every day, so make sure that you spend some time talking with him daily. It doesn’t have to be anything formal.  Just look up at a sunrise and thank him for the beauty of this world that he has given us to live in.  Glance at your family and tell him of the awe you have for him for putting all those wonderful people in your life. Tell him how thankful you are that he died for your sins so that you can have eternal life thru him.

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