April 2023 Lake Lanier Striper

April 2023 Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report

Lake level is 1071.95 (.95 feet above full pool) with water temps in the low to mid 60s depending on where you are on the lake. Main lake water is clear and a slight stain is the norm north of the Hwy 53 bridges and towards the backs of the major creeks. The fish have started feeding shallow and will continue through April. The Capt Mack’s Perfect Planer Board and flat line bite will continue this month. The best places on the south side of the lake will be in the major creeks like Young Deer, Six Mile, Four Mile, Big and Flat. On the north side, the river systems will be the place to go. April is spawn time on Lanier for stripers and the big fish will be eating big baits. 8-12 inch gizzard shad or the biggest herring you can find will be the baits to pull in 10-25 feet of water in these areas. When pulling these bigger baits run them 15-25 feet behind your 10 inch Perfect Planer boards and flat line Redi-Rig floats. The Redi-Rig floats should be used in place of balloons so that we can help with the trash problem on Lanier any way we can. Running your big baits this close to the board or float will keep your shad or river herring from finding every downed tree or brush pile you will be fishing close to. These areas will be holding lots of smaller fish as well so make sure to keep smaller herring in your spread too. These smaller baits can be fished 50-100’ behind your Capt Mack’s 7 inch Perfect Planer boards or 75-125’ behind the boat on your flat lines. Later in the day consider adding a #3-7 split shot 5-6’ in front of these smaller baits to get them down a bit, especially on sunny days. If you cannot get by Oakwood Bait and Tackle or Hammonds for some herring or shad then try pulling a Capt Mack’s Mini Mack 15-25’ behind your 10 inch Perfect Planer boards depending on the water depth you are fishing in. In some of the dirtier water the Striper Tackle Ultra Pro Spin Shad head in 3/8 or ½ oz will add even more flash to your Mini Mack. The white with white trailers has been great on sunny days and the candy blue with chartreuse trailers has been better in the dirtiest of water and on cloudy days. This stealth trolling technique will require a bit more speed out of your Minn Kota I-Pilot. Set your Cruise Control function at 1.2-1.5 mph and pull the boards in 10-25’ of water in the backs of the creeks or around the few birds that will still be around. While you are pulling down the bank you should be casting a 1/4 oz Striper Tackle Pro Swimbait or Ultra Pro Swing jig head with a 3.3” Spot Sticker Swim bait in herring or albino colors or a white fluke style bait using a steady retrieve with an Okuma Helios 30 with 15# braid or 10-12# mono paired on an Okuma Reflection 7’ Med action rod. Later in the month the fish will move out a bit deeper in these areas to 15-35’ of water and start concentrating more around points and humps in the back half of the creeks.

April 9th was Easter and the day that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Messiah. He truly is our Messiah and is the Lord of all lords, but is also a suffering servant to us all. He died for us so that all of our sins are forgiven and if we just trust in him as our Savior we will have everlasting life. This month is a great time to celebrate spring and to gather with family for egg hunts and cute outfits, but remember the real reason for Easter.

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