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July 2023 Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report

The lake level is 1069.53 (1.47 feet below full pool) with water temps in the mid 80’s and clear water conditions from the south end up thru the middle of the lake. July striper fishing on Lanier means huge schools of fish in deep water on the south end of the lake.  This is already happening and will be more the case by the middle of the month, but we are still seeing lots of fish north of the 369 bridge up to Little Hall Park and River Forks campground.  These fish are in coves and pockets from 35-65 feet of water and they will eat a herring on a downline when you find these schools.  The thermocline is setting up in these areas and the herring are not living very long down past 40 feet.  When you find these schools of fish and they are near the bottom you can drop your bait down to them, but if they don’t eat then you will have to change out your bait within a few minutes to keep a frisky herring in front of them.  Down below the bridge the lake is setting up for summer fishing.   Look for large schools of fish from Brown’s Bridge to the dam in deep drainages, creek channels, and the river channel in 40-60’ of water early in the day to 80-100’ later in the afternoon.  The best way to look for these schools later in the morning is to troll with lead core or Cannon downriggers and a 1.5 oz Capt Mack’s Super Spin Shad or a Mini Mack.   The trolling and spoon bite is great this month and Capt Mack will be having his Customer Appreciation tourney on July 22.  Sign up for free at Macks.  Lead core will be best trolling at 2.5-3 mph with 6-8 colors out and when using your downrigger put your baits 50-75 feet behind the ball that is set 25-35 feet down. The lake is coming back up, but be prepared to lose a few jigs to the trees as the tops of the trees are about 38’ below the surface right now and the lake will most likely start falling again.  Once you find a school of fish with your Humminbird Helix or Solix then downlines will be the go to live bait technique.  Your setup should be an Okuma Coldwater 203 with 15-20 pound mono main line, matched to an Okuma Striper Rod. To the main line tie on a  1.75 oz Striper Tackle Pro Pencil Sinker, 6-8’ of 10-12# fluorocarbon leader, finishing with a #1 Gamakatsu Circle or Octopus hook.  This setup will get your herring down thru the hot water fast and allow him to swim around without dragging around an oversized hook and heavy leader. The best baits will be herring, but if you can get small to medium gizzard shad they will get the attention of some larger fish.  Power reeling a Boss Hawg HAWG Spoon in Chrome/ Silver Flash or 2oz Capt Mack’s Chipmunk Jig with Silver Flash and a white u tail trailer or a live herring will also be very effective when you get that school of fish to stack up under your boat.  Power reeling is a great way to get those deep schools to bite.  Drop either lure to the bottom and start reeling it back up at a decent rate. Reel up to about 20 feet and then drop it back down.  Keep doing this until the school disappears or when that striper tries to rip that rod out of your hand.  July stripers are really hungry and on the move so be prepared to move around as well so that you can keep up with them.  

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