Lady Catches Great Lake Lanier Striped Bass

November 2023 Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report

The water level is 1063.37 (7.63 feet down) with mid 60 water temps. Please be very careful since the lake is so far down.  Turnover is still happening on the lake so water clarity is clear where it is finished to weak coffee colored where it is still going on. As turnover finishes the “breakout” has begun and fish will be caught all over the lake in November and the kitchen sink fishing will continue. Top water plugs, Striper Tackle Pro Swim Bait heads with a fluke trailer, and Capt Mack’s Super Spoons will all be effective artificials this month. First thing in the morning (on cloudy days, all day long) the top water bite will be great for stripers.  Large schools will be coming up in the main creek channels and the river channel from Brown’s Bridge to the dam. These schools will not stay up long so be prepared to “run and gun” the main lake looking for them to pop up. When you get close, make a long cast with plugs like a Spro Sashimmy, Evergreen Shower Blow, Storm Chug Bug, or Heddon Spook Jr.  Chrome, Bone, and Ghost are all go to colors for these plugs. Other great lures that have been catching are the Striper Tackle Ultra Pro Swimbait head and the Ultra Pro Spin head with a Zoom Super Fluke Jr in white pearl or smoking shad. These ¼ oz lures can be cast a long way and reeled back steady to the boat, yo-yo’d back, or can be dropped vertically to the school after you run over the top of them. All of these artificials should be fished on an Okuma Reflections 7’2” medium action spinning rod paired with an Okuma Helios 40 loaded with 15 pound braid. Tie in a 4 foot length of 15 pound fluorocarbon with an Albright knot and any of these lures can be cast an extremely long way. The shallow bait bite will get better as the month progresses. Pull planer boards and free lines, with your herring or shad, back 50-125 feet behind the boat/board  over 15-30 foot points or humps or in the areas you are seeing the surfacing schools. The birds are already showing up so don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of water the fish are covering because our feathered friends will help you locate fish and areas to put out your kitchen sink. 

Make sure that you live a life of love. 1 John is an amazing book about love. Chapter 4 is a great reminder that God’s love lives inside all of us and we should let it come thru us. “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:7-8.  We are called to love one another not because we like everyone, but because we are God’s creations and his love should come out of us for everyone.  Keep our world, nation, and communities in your prayers that we may learn to love each other in these extremely tense times.

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