September 2019 Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report

The easiest way to catch stripers this month will be trolling lead core and pulling any of Capt. Mack’s jigs and trailers. The standard 1.5-oz Chipmunk in white/silver, white/chartreuse or chartreuse/blue are your best bets. Either 4-inch shad bodies or 6-inch u-tail trailers in white, chartreuse or pink are the go-to colors. This year the new hot lures to troll are the 1-oz. Capt. Mack’s Underspin Bucktail in white/silver or white/chartreuse and the Mini Mack with blades with red heads and white grubs. All three of these baits should be pulled behind the boat at 2.5 to 3 mph and seven to nine colors back, depending on the depth that you are marking fish on your Humminbird graph. Fish will be scattered on the sides and the middle of creek channels from Big Creek south to the dam in 60 to 130 feet of water at the mouths to one-third of the way back. They will also be on the river channel from 100 to 150 feet. When you catch a fish, keep your eye on your graph. If you’ll stop the boat to bring your fish in, a lot of times the whole school will follow, and then you can drop a live herring or Nichols Magnum spoon to them for an extra bite. Stopping the boat also helps you get the fish in quicker and is better on the fish’s stress. The bait bite will still be good, when you find concentrations of fish, and the only changes from August will be to concentrate in 90 to 140 feet of water and to increase your leader length to 9 to 11 feet of 10-lb. fluorocarbon leader. The herring are not living well on the hook below 30 feet, so make sure you take plenty of bait if you are going to concentrate on this bite.

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