November 2019 Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report

The water level is 4.3 feet down and the water temperature is chilly at 68-72 degrees. The turnover is almost finished at as it finishes, fish will be caught all over the lake. The kitchen sink fishing will continue and topwater plugs, Capt. Mack’s Super Spoons and Mini Mack’s will all be effective artificials this month. First thing in the morning—and cloudy days throughout the day—the topwater bite will be great for stripers. Large schools will be coming up in the main creek channels and the river channel from Brown’s Bridge to the dam. These schools will not stay up long, so be prepared to run-and-gun the main lake looking for them to pop up. When you get close, make a long cast with plugs like SpooksPencil Poppers, Chug Bugs or Magic Swimmers. Chrome, bone and ghost are all go-to colors for these plugs. Another great lure that has been catching on is the Steel Shad. This 1/2-oz. lure can be cast a long way and reeled back steady to the boat, yo-yo’d back or can be dropped vertically to the school and worked like a jigging spoon. The Capt. Mack’s u-rig bite will also improve this month. Pull these over 25- to 35-foot deep points and humps with brush on them at 2.5 to 3 mph, 100 to 135 feet behind the boat. The u-rig bite typically gets better late morning or early afternoon until late afternoon. Most of these fish will be really close to the brushpiles. The shallow bait bite will get better as the month progresses. Pull planer boards and freelines with your herring or shad back 50 to 125 feet behind the boat/board over 15- to 30-foot-deep points or humps or in the areas you are seeing the surfacing schools. The birds are already showing up, so don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of water the fish are covering because our feathered friends will help you locate fish and areas to put out your kitchen sink.

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